A portion of the profits from #EMDRSAVESLIVES will be donated to various charities and organizations that promote and advocate for mental health or EMDR therapy.

 Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN)

The Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) is a human rights organization committed to ending violence against adults, youth and children through support, advocacy, education and community organizing. SPAN began providing services in 1979 and is crucial to the network of support that offers critical “safety net” services to vulnerable, low-income and at-risk populations. It is the only organization serving Boulder, western Broomfield, smaller towns and unincorporated Boulder County designed to provide shelter and advocacy for victims of interpersonal violence at a time when our community is experiencing higher domestic violence rates than national and state averages.

Barb Maiberger was an intern and counselor for SPAN, and her experience with SPAN had a major impact on how she approaches trauma and PTSD.

A portion of the profits from #EMDRSAVESLIVES will be donated to SPAN.

You can also donate to SPAN directly on SPAN's website (


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